Chan & Khan Consultancy addresses the rising need for individualized solutions and strategic direction in running businesses, to help our clients and partners become more effective and successful. Our core fundamental belief is that each company, as well as each management team, brings a unique set of advantages and challenges that only a highly customized solution can completely address.

We provide advisory services to companies and individuals to help refine, align, and strengthen strategic plans to achieve success. Our "one-stop" solutions are based on the extensive experience of our proactive, results-driven principals and strategic partners. We are able to move quickly to solve problems and accommodate our clients' needs.

Our strategic assessment goes beyond financial performance to evaluate potential growth scenarios. We bring a unique strategic vision, vast market knowledge and extensive corporate finance and transaction experience to each of our clients. We analyze your competitive position, market opportunity, and expansion opportunities and consider what changes, if any, would optimally advance your business plan and valuation objectives. We also connect you with appropriate financing sources and other resources to facilitate your achievement of your business growth and expansion strategies.

Below are a list of our services: